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Stats & Charts Bb Codes - [BAR] Bb Code Manual


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cclaerhout submitted a new resource:

Stats & Charts Bb Codes - [BAR] Bb Code Manual - Manual for the BAR Bb Code of the Stats & Charts Addon

Stats & Charts Bb Codes - [BAR] Bb Code Manual

All these Bb Codes are built on the same way: there's a main Bb Code tag then some inner special Bb Codes. The special Bb Codes are wrapped inside those characters {tag} instead of [tag].

All these Bb Codes have also some common special Bb Codes. The most important of them is the special tag {data}. Its purpose is to enter your series of data. The...
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What script are you using for the graphs? Want to see if it supports stacked % (where 2 or more values add to 100% and the area width is apportioned based on % used.