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Sorry for the bump but didn't want to start a new thread.

We do not need stats like Analytics in the ACP, but please add statistics like vBulletin in XF version 1. Posts, threads, registrations, activity per day/week/month/year is very useful to follow up the growth of your forum. This can't be done with Analytics.

Furthermore if this isn't introduced in version 1, but in a later release for example, you will not have statistics since version 1 to compare. That would be very regrettable.

I know we're in beta but I still hope this is something that is considered for version 1.


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I'd also very much like to see useful statistics available in the admin section for things that are difficult to get from external stats sources.

I'd like a graph which gives an indication of:

posting trends (new post, new thread rates)

unanswered questions (rate of posts which which don't get answers, how long it takes to get an answer)

search trends (e.g. log of search queries which don't return results)

post distribution (e.g. what percentage of your content is generated by the prolific members vs. the majority, or to say another way, what % of your active content is made by those with over 1000 posts, over 100 posts, over 50 posts, less than 10 posts...)

registration statistics (registration and activation trends, new registered activity over time so you can see how well new members are integrating well now vs. in the past.)

forum activity snapshot (showing which forums have increased or decreased activity now, over the year, etc.)

pm usage stats, infraction/reputation/etc. stats (number thanked, reported based on forum, etc, top thanked and top reported members, etc.)


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I would like to see an analytics tool in xf giving insights into member behaviour. For eg: no of new members/month, no of active members, no of members with 0/<10/<20.. posts, most frequented forums, individual member activity records (so we have brief idea of history - account changes made, bans, ip changes, no of conversations, no of reports received) etc etc. Things like these can give insights into what exactly our members are looking for and what type of members we have.

Google Analytics is good for an overall understanding but I am looking for is some in depth report (stats that are very specific to forums).


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Agreed. I would also very much like to see useful stats in the admin panel of forum and membership activity and trends. I think I also posted in the thread linked above, but for example:
* not just new registrations per week/month, but also activity of new members.
Are new members engaging now vs. in the past, or does more attention need to be paid if they're signing up and posting only a couple times. Are new members getting turned off or excited by the current atmosphere. How about old members - are they starting to drift away, or are they as engaged as ever.
Can a nice graph be created so you can see trends over time for things like this? Things that are difficult to get through external stats?
* Maybe easier, how is response time to questions changing over time? Unanswered thread trends?
* logging of search queries that don't return results so you know if people are looking for things you can add an article on.
* depending on privacy concerns, metrics could be very neat too. For example, percentage of posts from various countries, or age groups, or user groups could be very cool on some forums to see trends over time.
The metric you list above for example is somewhat time consuming to add up manually - how many posts are made by people with x-posts.

I'd definitely find it interesting and useful if xenforo could provide a nice admin stats tool, or a module or addon could be nice for this too.


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I think XF could borrow an idea from Mailchimp's Social Pro addon.

A tool which can make use of publicly available social data to find out:
Who are on social networks and how active they are on other sites.
Most influential members based on the size for their facebook network etc.
and so on.........


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I don't know about you but I just love the wordpress stats graphic. :) Something like that here at xenforo would rock.


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Really hope to see something similar to the SMF stats page soon. It gives you everything you want/need.


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The whole problem with this concept in general is that it requires a lot of resources to process and store. Basically for any statistic you want to track over time, you have to store that statistic multiplied by the interval you want to track it over.

So for example, if you want to see a graph of a given user's post count over time (with an interval of one day, for example), instead of storing his/her post count once, you have to record and store it every day. Multiply that by the number of users you have, then multiply it again over how long your forum has been running, and you can see how it can quickly add up.


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This has already been suggested so I will merge your post with the existing thread which covers various suggestions for forum statistics and metrics.


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Please give us a built in 'referrers' that tracks links clicked into our forum so we can see where the traffic is coming into our website.

kinda like this


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to be fair, I dont think the admin cp is finished, im sure they have more planned for that section by the time it goes gold.