XF 1.5 State of Hashtags, with and without add-ons

Steve Freides

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What is the current state of hashtags in XF? I found a $25 for-purchase option - is that the way to do this for now?

The situation I'm trying to solve - please suggest a non-hashtag way if you've got one - is people following a six-week protocol in which they pre-test, do the protocol, then post-test. I'm trying to make it easier for the protocol's administrator to find all the posts with test results. Because each protocol is in a private sub-forum, they're scattered and hashtags seem like a good solution.

Thanks in advance.

By hash tags, I assume you mean #hashtags in posts. There's nothing built in to explicitly support that.

Otherwise, if there are threads for each, you could just use the standard tagging system to identify the threads.
As we are currently doing this, each user creates their own thread in the private sub-forum for their protocol, so the posts I'm trying to isolate will be near the beginning and the end of lengthy threads. Tagging a post rather than a thread would, well, it would be just like a hashtag.


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