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XF 1.4 Start Thread with no author name

Id like to post some threads, without showing the author name of topic starter, like its a news thread. Look at the picture below for an example.

Is this possible?


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You could edit the template and use a conditional statement with the thread ID but you would have to manually update it for each thread.

It would require an add-on to do it properly.
Lets say I create a new member. Then i hide the author info of this member ID. And then i post only news topics with this member.

How can i do this with if conditional php?
Thank you for your reply rafass, i havent seen this plugin before, i will try it.

But i prefer a conditional statement, i need it just for 1 member. I tried it with CSS, Something like (page container file)

<xen:if is="{$visitor.user_id} == 1151">
<style type="text/css">

.messageUserInfo {display: none;}

.authorEnd {display: none;}
But its not working. This is hiding all author infos for the specific user id. I want to hide the info ABOUT this specific user. How can i hide 2 divs about 1 user?
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