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Apologies if this is not in the right place.

What I am looking to do is to create a page node called "Staff". Using the Nodes as Tabs plugin, I have the page sitting in the tab bar at the top. Everything here is working great.

What I would like to do is make a page that separates members of staff based on their job (admin, moderator, lore master....), and then use a format similar to the user bar on the left side of thread postings, the only difference being I don't want it to show the user group bars.

I'm thinking the easiest way to do this would be a <xen:include> tag, but I'm unsure how to do the labeled boxes surrounding each staff group and what object to include if I want to use the user panel.

Edit: Here's an example of what I have on my old forum. I'm looking for something similar to this. http://fallofthecitadel.enjin.com/staff

Any help or alternate suggestions on this would be appreciated.
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I knew you could include templates, so I decided to crawl though and see if I could just find the sidebar. After a bit of searching, I've found
<xen:include template="message_user_info" />
This produces the user panel found to the left of posts, however it is not bound to any user. This results in me getting the default icon and a fancy box around the outside. I assume my next step should be to pass it valid user information.

I'll keep searching, but one thing I haven't found yet was a box to hold these containers in.

Again, any help you can provide with this would greatly be appreciated.


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You will need to manually create the page content or use a callback.

The code on the member pages and forum index won't work in a page.
@Brogan Hrm... what would you recommend as far as the best approach for this? I could write a plugin and handle everything with the ACP, but that gets into probably a lot more stuff that I don't know how to do yet.

Ultimately, what I'd like is a solution where I can pass in a user ID or name, and have the system spit out a nice, uniform box with information on it. But, I want to also be able to freely arrange them any way I deem necessary, and be able to add and remove the boxes on the fly.
Using HTML, that would just mean a quick copy/paste and passing it a new name, or just removing that particular section of code, and re-arranging it would be as easy as moving it about on the page....

This might be just a case of going to build it in www.codeply.com and being done with it, but I'm also not opposed to going with the plugin route. If I go the plugin route, I can also make the url /staff instead of /pages/staff.

So- TL;DR, in your opinion, would a plugin be better for this or would just writing out code in raw html with custom CSS (perhaps modified bootstrap) be the solution?
Ah, this will work perfectly. I'll need to tweak it a bit to display vertically instead of horizontally, but this'll tell me at least which tools to use. Thanks!