[SSD] Add Images to your polls

[SSD] Add Images to your polls


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Add Images to your polls - Prettify your polls

This will give you a basic template for adding images to the left hand side of polls. I've done it so that I can add a specific image per node, but you can just use one image for the whole site if you wanted to.

This is how it might end up for you:-
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Okay so, navigate to your styles section of the ACP and open the
poll_block template.

<div class="pollContent">

and add:-
<div class="custom_pollImage"></div>

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i wonder can this be possible, add polls like this?


also can you provide tutorial how you add tv show icon in user info

I saw you mention this at TAZ and was hoping you will post a tutorial. Looks like you already did. (y)
I am going to try this. Thanks.
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