Add-on SPOT Satellite gps tracker embed in posts


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I'm building a site for backpackers mainly and I have a bunch of map features but I keep thinking how cool it would be if users could paste the ID# of their SPOT trip into the Media sites popup, display the map in a post and the community could follow along with them in real time. For example, lets say you were planning to hike the Appalachian trail and you had all your friends watching. You post the map and it updates all the time so they can follow. SPOT already has this on their website but we want it on our board for obvious reasons. Problem is that the tracks and waypoints are only saved for 30 days so a year or 2 later the maps would be dead and that would look like crap. So I found this little script that apparently addresses the issue by caching everything.

And heres the info from SPOT about embedding the maps on any website: