Sports Video Forum


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Good start Steve - your forum would really benefit from a custom forum icon rather than the default speech bubbles which look out of place here. Maybe even use the lens in your logo for this?

Digital Doctor

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I'd like to see a "List" of all the good video editing software and member reviews and tips on them.
Maybe make a XenCarta wiki item with a list ? or an external page ?
Keep it up to date for one year.
and hope it is a SEO goldmine.

Steve Brown

Cheers for the help, it's really appeciated. Love the idea on the speech bubbles - just replaced them now.

We are working hard on getting content onto the site. I have to admit I hadn't thought of using XenCarta but that makes a lot of sense.

The biggest deal we've got now is getting the content and users on there to make a great community