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Who are we?
The Sports Force Interactive is an Australian-based sports network, aimed at providing true and accurate news and information to sport fans covering a wide range of sporting codes.
Our website includes a sport news portal, and a sport based community board.
What do we do?
We currently receive media releases from over 600 sporting organisations from around the world, through our contacts within the various sporting codes we also gain media accreditation to various globally recognized sporting events to ensure that our website visitors get the latest news and information from the world of sport.
Our Community Boards!
Since being opened in 2006 we received over 1 million posts on our message boards, however after a massive hacking we lost absolutely everything an had to start from scratch last year - since then we have moved to XenForo and have rebuilt to have over 74k posts and growing.
Why are we advertising?
We are advertising like many other websites because we would like to entice sporting fans to come and chat with our community members, who will make you feel welcome, and talk about anything relating to sporting codes.

Brendon Meynell

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I can't seem to find the link to your community boards?
It's after midnight so I am about to go to bed, you aren't the first person to bring it up so obviously it's not that obvious - BUT when you go to the main site next to the news there is the giant blue image that says SPORTS ORIENTATED MESSAGE BOARD - SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS - JOIN FOR FREE!

If you click that it takes you to the message board.

Brendon Meynell

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I moved to Australia 7 years ago and have only just started to appreciate cricket, so I've signed up. :)