XF 2.1 Sporadic Registration rejection due to startTime check in RegisterForm


Hi all,

Hope it's ok to write here. The thing is, I am experiencing the exact same behavior as described in this thread. After trying to investigate, I can confirm, that registration works, but if I fail to fill registration form correctly, whole process starts failing in method isValidRegistrationAttempt either here:

if (!$this->startTime || ($this->startTime + $options->registrationTimer) > time())

or here

if (!$this->uniqueKey || $this->uniqueKey !== $request->filter('reg_key', 'str'))

We started to experience this issue about 10 days ago, when running version 2.0.12. After an upgrade to 2.1.1, it seem to have started to behave, but issue seem to have come back. I've now completely disabled all the caching (Memcached backend) however site is still behind cloudflare proxy. Could this be a reason? Actually I doubt that, because I've got whole site cloned locally and can replicate the problem on local install.

Site was running fine for a long time though and issue just suddenly appear. The site we are having problems with is running at https://the-vfl.com/

Does anyone experience same issue? Any thoughts, what could be going wrong?

Thanks a lot. Any advice would be appreciated.
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