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I would love for this company to sponsor my server.
I would like to know if you offer sponsors.

Please Accept this. This server has taken ages to maintain and make =D
So have a look at it. Its worth it. I am also gonna get alot of youtube subscribers as Im gonna make plugin tutorials and server ratings.. =D

Name of your server: HyruleTriforce
Name: Tarik
Your age: 14
How much RAM do you want? Do you want a dedicated machine?: I need enough ram for my plugins. We can start from 2GB and if we need more..
How many player slots?: 15+
How long has this server been up?: Its Been In Repair for 5 months. Then Hosted For 2 weeks.
Does your server have a website/topic? Please put links here: Websites -
How many dedicated players does your server have? Do you have proof?: I Have A Lot Of Dedicated People To My Server. I Have People Willing To Donate. I Also Have A GOOD STAFF.
Donators: People Are Willing To Donate To This Server. V.I.P Can Be Donated For Or Even Cop. When I Get A Host I Will Get A Plugin Like BuyCraft So They Can Use.
What makes your server special? Why should I join your server instead of that other server?: Our Server Has Been Through ALOT! Our Server Has A Hyrule Theme To It. From Zelda Ocarina of Time. We Also Appreciate All Members And Offer Them Help. And More USEFUL Plugins. I Am Good With Websites and Technology. xD
Is there a reason why you can't pay for this server?: My Parents Dont Allow The Payment Of Games. They Dont Like It. Even Though I Mentioned I Will Pay They Dont Like The Idea and I dont have my own creditcard.
Server Information: This server is very different. It has different ranks and stuff. It would be 1 in a million servers.. =D Look at our ranks at HyruleTriforce-mc.enjin.com/recruitment
Does your server get donations? If so, why not buy a server with the donations?: I Havent Toggled That Up Yet As Soon As I Find A Host So They Can Use It And Dedicate Some For The Server And Make A Little Profit. I Cant Buy As I Said Above Family Matters.
Why did you leave your previous host?:My Previous Was A PLAIN JERK. He Took My Stuff and left me and he didnt return files back so I Had To Start A Bit Later.
What will you do in return for the company that is hosting you?: I will give them THE CONSOLE and I will give them OP. If They Give 20% to The Server. Like As in Website Or 24/7 they can keep the rest. The 95%% is Towards The HOST

Please If you can do anything for me =D


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I can recommend someone to this hosting company too? =D
If that increases my chances as you have a REALLY GOOD PRICE =D


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Maybe learn English before you start making solicitations.. and also maybe target a company that needs your server not a company that is going to laugh at you ;)


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How is this XenForo related? This sounds more like a Minecraft server.

I do have some extra resources on hand.


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-.- Sorry. my friend sent me to the wrong area. -.- Plus u dont have to be an Ass about it -.-
You have the obligation to read before you post in any forums. If pointing out facts annoy you, why are you asking for a host anyway? A lot of people are going to reject you with different reasons, from your typing style to your brief server description.

If you plan on improving your attitude, I may have some resources on hand. Start a conversation with me.
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