Lack of interest Split the "Manage (move, merge, etc.)" permissions into separate permissions

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Spot the odd one out:

Stick / unstick thread:
Manage (move, merge, etc.) thread by anyone:
View deleted threads / posts:
Hard-delete post by anyone:
Undelete threads / posts:
Lock / unlock threads:
View moderated threads / posts:
Hard-delete thread by anyone:
Approve / unapprove threads / posts:
Delete post by anyone:
Delete thread by anyone:
Edit post by anyone:
Give warnings on posts:​

We've got six permissions for deleting stuff: "view deleted threads", "Hard-delete posts", "Undelete threads / posts", "Hard-delete thread", "delete post", "delete thread". Not only that but deleting "posts" and "threads" are two separate permissions, while we then have another separate permission to Undelete them.

"Stick / Unstick" and "Lock / Unlock" are separate permissions.

... yet when it comes to merging vs moving, they're lumped together in a "Move, merge, etc." (etc. What else is in there?) permission.

I don't let my mods perma-delete posts/threads because I've had issues in the past of mods playing games. Seeing deleted posts let's me keep an easy eye on things and know what's getting deleted. So the delete stuff is awesome.

However, once upon a time, we had no merge function. And yay, for things were good. Now that we have it, I've got mods going on merging sprees - where everything is getting merged into topics that are remotely similar - and I can't revoke their powers to merge unless I also remove their powers to move threads (a power which I want them to keep).

Can we split the merge functionality out please as a separate permission? Along with whatever the "etc." is.
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