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Sadik B

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Hi All...

You may have seen me post irregularly here. I bought XF license the very first day in the discount sale and wanted to setup a great community with Xen. So last month I finally got around to setting up the forum and merged posts from a couple of other forums. So here's the community...

Splendid Point - General Discussion Forums

It's relatively active as I have got friends to spread the word and few friends and friends of friends have signed up and are posting. Gotta love great friends! :)

Sadik B

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Yep I like it too. This is a showcase also of how nice the default xf theme is, right out of the box. Put up a nice logo that goes well with it, and you're ready to go.
Good job sadikb.
Thanks Peggy.

I did a lot of experimenting but eventually found out that the best light skin is closer to what XF provides than anything else... :)

There are a few changes here and there though, specially the navbar. I was experimenting with all monochrome colors when I styled that navbar. Later when I abandoned the idea of monochrome, I still thought the navbar was a good fit.


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The only thing that I'm not crazy about is the sidebar on every page. If the sidebar contained important information that you want to keep before your members' eyes, that's one thing. But to have to look at the recent status updates, etc - not important IMO. It's overkill, and unnecessary.

Yes I like the navbar. I like many of the small touches you added - like the peach colored outline around the sign up now button.
It's small things like this that new people will notice, whereas many of us would tend to overlook them in lieu of the bigger changes.
Personally I'm glad that you stayed with the default style, made small changes, and added a very attractive logo.
The logo could be just a bit larger and moved to the right just a smidgen, but overall, I like it alot.

Sadik B

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Hey Peggy thanks again for the feedback...

The thing about sidebar is, I know it's not a necessity for all pages. However it's there from a long term perspective. Right now, I don't have too many interesting things for the sidebar, but say 3 or 6 or maybe a year later, if the site has grown sufficiently there can be several items which could go to the sidebar. One thing which I learnt from my previous forum is that members hate it when suddenly their posts width gets reduced. So the sidebar is there from the start now :) Another obvious reason is the Advertisement. 300x250 is one of the best paying ad size. Again, this is from a future perspective. When the site reaches more than 200K pageviews, I can get CPM network ads in there.

And I totally forgot that I needed to move the logo a few pixels to the right... Thanks for pointing that out.