Speed optimization/improvements in core XF


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Running a standard speed test on https://xenforo.com/community/ reveals some room for improvement. Some things may not be possible of course, while others can be fixed by the individual admins tweaking and 3rd party addons. However many forum owners may not know where/how, so having things as optimized as possible from "stock" is always beneficial, so hope to see 2.3 or future updates having some focus on this.

Lazy loading images that are not in the main rendering by default?
Defer/asyc to all non-essential xore XF js by default? (isn't XF doing this already, not sure why 7 js files are thus shows as blocking page rendering).
Improvements to delivery of core XF javascript that are essential for page rendering/function (can anything be trimmed/removed etc)? Almost a second for "blocking" main thread waiting for js loading.
The new cookie notice is really hurting LCP?
Font display:swap by default for making sure visitors see text while the font is loading?
Other things?

7 JavaScript files are blocking page rendering.
  • js/xf/preamble.min.js?_v=1a43dc13
  • js/vendor/jquery/jquery-3.5.1.min.js?_v=1a43dc13
  • js/vendor/vendor-compiled.js?_v=1a43dc13
  • js/xf/core-compiled.js?_v=1a43dc13
  • js/vendor/lightslider/lightslider.min.js?_v=1a43dc13
  • js/xfmg/slider.min.js?_v=1a43dc13
  • js/xf/notice.min.js?_v=1a43dc13
The main thread was blocked for 852 ms

2 externally-referenced CSS files are blocking page rendering.
  • css.php?css=public%3Anormalize.css%2Cpublic%3Afa.css%2Cpublic%3Acore.less%2Cpublic%3Aapp.less&s=1&l=1&d=1673262298&k=0a22daa51c3a8fc1a316ef4ab16c6f46a38afa41
  • css.php?css=public%3Alightslider.less%2Cpublic%3Anode_list.less%2Cpublic%3Anotices.less%2Cpublic%3Ashare_controls.less%2Cpublic%3Axfcf_footer.less%2Cpublic%3Axfmg_media_list.less%2Cpublic%3Aextra.less&s=1&l=1&d=1673262298&k=dd1aefe44ccbb2c1820cf38070699c5014d2124b
Largest Contentful Paint is high (over 2.5s).
  • The HTML driving your LCP is <p>We use essential <a href="/community/help/cookies">cookies</a> to make this site work, and optional cookies to enhance your experience.</p>
Images outside the critical viewport can be lazy-loaded.
  • /community/data/xfmg/thumbnail/2/2945-4d51392c59b6c7fb7302fd796fa54e08.jpg?1580578796
  • /community/data/xfmg/thumbnail/1/1714-7a57c50e627657971f83cb16cff210d1.jpg?1504545639
  • /community/data/xfmg/thumbnail/3/3230-9b2ed52b5b8d2a49569dfdc23e6936d5.jpg?1595759355
  • /community/data/xfmg/thumbnail/3/3130-1627545fa0ca7be5c3db2cd1a466eece.jpg?1592020978
  • /community/data/xfmg/thumbnail/4/4602-e91f2fccd2b825f60a34fa82c08b7ada.jpg?1649286413
  • /community/data/xfmg/thumbnail/0/293-cec7e022d004d8d0bef13b53706ad1ba.jpg?1504545091
  • /community/data/xfmg/thumbnail/4/4719-f354500fc3697185ebef6f4a8cee1459.jpg?1660687863
  • /community/data/xfmg/thumbnail/4/4328-fdfcd7dea0713462e23b8fd1d108024d.jpg?1635035693
  • /community/data/xfmg/thumbnail/1/1412-b6d0afa26e6bd052b51b32222cf0ea2d.jpg?1504545515
  • /community/data/xfmg/thumbnail/0/830-7a7207c8b5a9f8179403953c93b3f49f.jpg?1504545250
Several fonts are loaded with settings that hide text while they are loading.
  • Font Awesome 5 Pro 400 normal
  • Font Awesome 5 Pro 900 normal
  • Font Awesome 5 Brands 400 normal
24 static files have inadequate cache settings.
Too many to list.
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