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Ehren submitted a new resource:

Spectrum // xenfocus.com - Spectrum is focused around a simple to use color picker.

Spectrum by xenfocus is focused around a simple to use color picker, allowing your members to easily customize the colors of the layout by selecting from a preset array. Their color selection is saved as a cookie which means their choice will be shown to them automatically every time they visit your forum.

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Looks great! Interested in buying.

Just one question: @Ehren, do you think you'll be able to install and show Resource Manager in the demo, so that we can see how it fits with the skin? Thanks!


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@Ehren , I'd still love to see how you handle the RM on your demo site - most premium skins now have RM installed on their demo site to make the look of RM consistent with the overall theme.:)

The color of the bars on the RM on @RoldanLT 's site is a little off. See below:



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I'm currently on vacation with limited internet access through my iPad and iPhone only. Unfortunately I don't own the resource manager and am currently unable to upload files due to the lack of a computer :) I'll be back to regular work on October 28.