Specs for a Development Server


I'm setting up a side VPS to isolate all development.

I'm going to be removing most users, probably cutting down the posts, etc.

Essentially it'll be a very small board and the maximum amount of users on concurrently will be 5-10 people.

I was thinking of going with a 15GB SSD, 786MB RAM and 1 core.

I'll be hosting MySQL and Cpanel on the same box, and as such I'm worried about performance but I don't really know if I'll need more. Just trying to save costs haha.



Why not just use shared hosting?
This is cheaper. $5 a month for this server, $10 if I go with more. I'm sort of re-thinking this. I was originally going to put a Project Management Suite on the server and decided not to, which is why I was going to go with another server anyway. I can always just host it in a separate instance on my current server though.

Question still stands though, I'm curious to what the bare minimum for an effective installation would be.


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The server requirements are listed here at the bottom left: https://xenforo.com/purchase/

There's also a script which can be run.

XF can run on the most basic of shared hosting so the specs in your first post will be more than adequate.


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cPanel might make it a problem. But I run a $5 a month DO VPS that is public facing with low traffic. Cant remember if thats 512 or 1024 mb of ram. But It's very much possible to get a well tuned MySQL or MariaDB and NGINX setup to support a 250 concurrent user load bench with 768 mb of ram. Out of the box it won't lol. Have to disable performance schema to keep mysql from eating a ton of ram for, in our case, no reason.


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If you're using CentOS 7, cPanel will not even install with less than 1GB of RAM anymore.