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I own two XenForo sites and have used Jon (Slavik) for 20+ hours of consulting for server optimization, server security hardening, XenForo optimization, and complex web server / SSL configurations. He is an exceptionally gifted, well-rounded IT professional who can tackle any type of technical challenge with ease. In addition to his amazing tech skills, Jon is highly professional, well-organized, and has super communication skills -- something that many IT professionals lack. So if you need any type of server / security / XenForo help, look no further -- Jon is your man. I look forward to keep working with him in the future!


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Writing 3 reviews at once here ;)

1.) Decided to move away from vBulletin -> XenForo, and wow the difference is really something else. Everything is so clean and user friendly. Really modern and the admin panel is just how you always wanted it but never was. You can go messing with code if you want but 95% of forum owners don't need to if they're running XF2 out of the box. It's finally enjoyable to be an admin.

2.) Whilst trying to move we ran across some problems on the hosts end (permissions and caching issues) which slowly turned into a nightmare. I'm a former WiredTree customer (that got bought by LiquidWeb). LiquidWeb have an instant chat feature which replies super quick, tells you to update your ticket then leaves you for a day, eventually you get some generic reply. They really don't want to give out support, the replies you get are just half arsed and the delays between tickets turned a half day job into several days of waiting. Avoid them.

3.) Jon aka Slavik, gets alot of business on here for several reasons. He's very reasonably priced, competent at what he does, has good manners and quick to solve any issues. I don't really know what anyone could expect more from him... wash your car? He's good, won't delete a database on you and will stay in touch. I'm sure you could get a migration job done $30 cheaper but who the hell would risk their entire board over it. Leave it to a pro. All my data was in tact, permissions and everything 100% and he stayed with me even when my host was being deliberately difficult.

Thanks again Jon (y)