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Something happened to my MySQL installation to corrupt it, leading me to believe all the data was gone which would've made me rebuild what little posts I had to and could (still taking a lot of time and effort) on a new server as my database backup was 48 hours old (and the control panel authentication [Plesk] is tied to MySQL so I would've lost other sites as well).



I’ve had my forums running on vBulletin 4 for years and had been in desperate need to upgrade especially being that it hasn’t been supported in quite some time. I had considered moving over the vBulletin 5 and even tried it for a time but absolutely hated it. Xenforo was not only a logical option, it was also one that I found to be superior but I wasn’t sure if or how my database could be migrated over to it. After doing some research, I reached out several people to see if they could help out but decided to hire Slavik and specifically because he was very knowledgeable, was willing to work me into his busy schedule and because the cost for his services was surprisingly affordable. In the end, Slavik did an outstanding job of first, migrating my forums onto a test site where I could look things over and make sure everything was there and working properly and then, moving everything over. When all was said and done, it was like my forum had always been on Xenforo and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you so much for all your help Slavik, I really do appreciate it!
I worked with Slavik based on his reputation here, and I was not disappointed. Everything was moved over quickly and works perfectly. We went from vBulletin 3.8 to the latest version of XenForo, and all 7000+ members and 1.4 million posts moved over without issues. His prices were fair for the peace of mind that he had done this so many times in the past, and I had never done this before. We did a test import first to see if everything worked right, and then went live with the full import after that. I would work with him again, if I need this service again, for sure.


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Slavik absolutely knocked my migration out of the park. Went from vB 4.2.3 to Xenforo without a single hiccup. He was extremely professional, communicative, and patient with my idiotic questions. I would highly recommend his services.


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As an update to those who I have been delaying for weeks and weeks, I have finally worked through the majority of the backlog.

Additionally, I am now happy to accept most large cap crypto as payment for services.


@Slavik just moved and upgraded an existing site that I recently acquired. He is very professional and easy to work with. Everything was finished within hours... very fast! The site now works great... I highly recommend his services! As said above...

10/10 support/service/price 👍
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Hey Slavik, I sent a PM in regards to upgrading, not sure if you received it since I replied to an old PM. Could you please check it when you get a chance? Thanks