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Specialist and vBulletin Big Board (1M Posts+) Import Services

Discussion in 'Third-Party Services & Offers' started by Slavik, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Specialist Import Services by Slavik
    If you need a board imported to XenForo, regardless of how large you are or any unique requirements you have, then your looking in the right place. Importing any board can be a time-consuming and nerve-wracking process, especially for those who have large boards, or ones which provide a source of income for the owner.

    As one of the first big boards to migrate to XenForo, and well over 1 BILLION posts imported since, my own expertise has come invaluable for helping others do the same, I have converted and imported more boards and data into XenForo than any other person. I have my own custom developed tools and procedures designed to make the migration process as smooth and seamless as possible. My experience means from start to finish I will work with you to ensure everything goes as planed with as little hassle as possible.
    Whilst the majority of my work involves converting big boards from vBulletin to XenForo, I cover nearly all circumstances such as:
    • Regular Board (<1M posts) Imports.
    • Specialist Big Board (1M post+) Imports
    • 2 Step Imports for not directly importable software
    • Custom data imports (Migrating addon data from the old software to a XenForo equivalent or replacement)
    • Test imports
    • Off-site imports
    • Other specialist requirements
    • Server tuning and optimization to make the most out of XenForo
    • Import VB4 CMS Articles > XenForo Resources Manager
    • Import vBulletin Blogs > XenForo Threads
    • Import iReviews > XenForo Resources Manager
    • Import Wordpress Posts > XenForo Threads
    • Import Jive > XenForo (limitations apply)
    • Incremental Imports (See below)
    • Huddler > XenForo
    If you need to get data into XenForo, I can usually find a way to do it! Drop me a private conversation with your requirements.

    Pricing starts from as little as $50 for regular imports of boards under 1 million posts. Big board imports start at $150 set + $30 per million posts and custom or specialist imports are priced on requirement and complexity.
    Time wise, this depends on several factors including forum and user base size, any specialist or technical challenges, and the urgency of the transfer. Most boards opt to run a test import first and once verified that everything appears correct, run the live import several days later. Regular boards usually take less than an hour regardless of any specialist requirements, Big Boards are usually done within several hours.

    How to start?
    Start a private conversation with your requirements. Please note that this is a private service offering and is not affiliated with XenForo Ltd.
    New service - Incremental Imports - Reduce your downtime to seconds!
    Available nowhere else, I can offer a new incremental import system for vBulletin 3 and 4. While using the Big Board Importer can take an import of days down to hours, there is still an unavoidable downtime created by the actual time of importing the tables and re-applying any custom changes.

    By using my custom scripts, we first do a full import, and then can import the changes and new content made to the following import areas:
    • User Groups
    • Users
    • Avatars
    • Private Messages
    • Visitor Messages
    • Forums
    • Moderators
    • Thread Prefixes
    • Threads
    • Posts
    • Polls
    • Attachments
    This can be re-run as many times as wanted to ensure your test board is as up-to-date as possible, then switching over is as simple as turning the vBulletin board off, running the script to bring any last minute changes over, and switching on XenForo.

    This service is currently considered stable yet experimental, contact me to consider using it.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2017
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  2. TeflonDon

    TeflonDon Well-Known Member

    Slavik handled my import this weekend of 12k members and just under 5 million posts. He was easy to work with and took care of my every need. A test import of my board using the web importer took me nearly 60 hours total, Slavik had me converted and up and running in far less time and would have been even quicker if not for some issues with my server.

    Highly recommend his service. (y)
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  3. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you for the review, it was my pleasure.
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  4. Lee Burnett

    Lee Burnett Member

    Slavik did a fantastic job. He predicted our needs and did a great job with our board import of over 14 million posts. He has been extremely responsive and easy to work with.

    I give my highest recommendation. We will definitely use again for future needs.
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  5. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Thankyou Lee, was an honor to import such a high profile board such as yours.

    TCMSHOW New Member

    After trying for Hours to get the Import of our VB in to our new XenForo , Slavik had it importing in minutes ..
    It was a pleasure to deal with
    Thanks for the great service
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  7. myco-tek.org

    myco-tek.org Member

    Slavik Migrated our VB4 board for us with ease. It sure took a lot of stress off to have him do it instead of wasting hours and hours trying to figure it out myself like I usually do. I would recommend using his service any day. He is professional, punctual, and always has the right answer!I was working on other aspects of the move like Migrating user albums and moving the smilie board over via phpmyadmin and both times he gave me advice that got me through those parts of the job too!

    Thanks Slavik! :)

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  8. klyde

    klyde Member


    After trying to migrate my board, spending hours and hours making tests and (not) solving problems, I decided to contact with Slavik to convert foromtb.com (280k users, 19Mill posts, 3'8Mill attachments vBulletin 4.x board) into Xenforo. I still wonder why I had not contacted him before. All have been migrated without problems and very fast. He also configured some settings to optimize the website so now it loads much faster than before. I am very very very happy with his services.

    Very very very recommended for any migration.

    Thank you very much Slavik

    [Spanish Version]

    Buenas!!! Antes de nada quiero dar las gracias a Slavik por migrar mi foro desde vb4.x a Xenforo. La verdad es que yo lo intenté hacer una vez pero debido al volumen de usuarios (280k) mensajes (19 millones) y adjuntos (casi 3,8 millones) me daba bastante miedo y preferí solicitar los servicios de un profesional: @Slavik.
    El no solo ha migrado con éxito todo el foro, sino que me ha ayudado a optimizar (todavía sigue haciendo pruebas) la base de datos, configuración y caché para intentar mejorar los tiempos de acceso a la web, cosa que siempre me ha traído de cabeza.

    Así que no puedo otra que RECOMENDAR, a cualquiera que quiera migrar a XenForo, los servicios de Slavik ya que ha sido todo bastante rápido, eficiente y a un precio muy muy muy competitivo. No se puede pedir más. Gracias!!
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  9. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    It was my pleasure. Thanks for the review!

    Anytime Matt, thanks for the review!

    It's been great to work with you on your board Klyde. Thanks for the great review.
  10. cherylferraro

    cherylferraro Member

    Highly recommended. Slavik converted my 2 vb4 vbseo'ed forums. He made the redirects easy. No regrets.
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  11. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you for the review!
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  12. JJJ

    JJJ Active Member

    We have asked Slavik to migrate a bigboard from vB4.2 to xF. Due to we still have a lot to check and adjust, we agreed to do the migration in two steps, firstly a test-import, and later the final migration.

    The test-import was successful, so we can do all the necessary work now like design and check addons. Thank you Slavik, good work :)

    I think we take our time and and do the final step, after xF1.3 is released.

    I just read, Slavik also does vbSEO conversion and surely we need the enhanced search... so we will stay in contact ;)
  13. alison antrious

    alison antrious New Member

    Happy New Year

    I am interested in finding a developer to move and integrate my existing licensed xenforo with its customizations to a new Symfony 2 platform. Are you able to do this or can you recommend someone?

    Best Regards
  14. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Alison,

    This is outside the scope of what I offer. I would suggest getting in touch with @ExtraLicense or @Chris Deeming though both are very busy, so I couldn't comment on their availability.

  15. alison antrious

    alison antrious New Member


    Thank you very much

    I will do so

  16. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    No problem.
  17. BDOutdoors

    BDOutdoors Member

    Slavik handled our conversion from Vbulletin 4.x to xenForo.
    Our forums contain over 3 million posts and a half a million attachments.
    10 years of history and old vbulletin hacks including photopost vbgallery. He was able to convert them all with ease.
    Slavik was on the ball the whole time with very early morning check in's and easy availability. He answered all my questions and was very professional.
    He also rewrote our VBseo URL's to xenForo so we wouldn't lose our rankings.
    If you have a big board and need to convert he is your man.

    Thanks again Slavik!
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  18. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    It was my pleasure :) Thankyou for the great review!
  19. Joe Link

    Joe Link Well-Known Member

    Yesterday Slavik completed the migration of my largest site from vB 4. I have to say, the entire process couldn't have been easier.

    I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone, and I'm currently trying to think of ways to use his services in the future.
  20. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks Joe! Was a pleasure to do your import.

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