Special post text colour for paid usergroups (User Upgrades)


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I am hoping to get the Blizzard effect (refer to the WoW/Diablo 3 forums) happening for some new User Upgrades that I intend on setting up.

What I am unsure of is:

1a. There is a .staff element but I am wondering if I can define new class elements such as "magic", "rare" and "unique", which will become the names of the three tiers of upgrades available. I.e.

.magic {
    color: #whatever;

Some more ideas and examples are at the bottom of the XF User Group Styling page.

1b. Furthermore, I am hoping to replicate the "glow" that you see around Blizzard posts, for an example see here. The remainder of the thread will give you a good idea of what I am trying to achieve.

2. How do I go about removing the option to change text colour for certain usergroups, as having a paid upgrade is pointless if these users can simply select the colour regardless of whether they have paid or not.
Hopefully someone will pick this one up. I'd like to tinker around myself with a more stable version rather than the hacky half built one I did via css which was limited to staff only because of it being the only group with it's ID.
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