Special node configuration?


We recently switched over to xenForo and I have a bit of an issue with one particular forum (node)

We have one forum where we need (want) to restrict posting to the original poster and staff only. My needs are restricted to only this one forum.

Just to be specific. . We want to let any member post a new thread and get specialized help. We do not want any other member to be able to interfere but we also need the OP to be able to reply. I can't seem to find any combination of permissions that allow for that. I want the forum to be read by anyone but replies limited to staff and the original poster. Hope I made myself clear. Thanks in advance.
You can make it so users can only reply to their own threads by revoking this permission:

View threads by others

There is no separate permission for "replying to threads by others", but if they can't view then they can't reply. This is good for support ticket type forums.
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