SparkPost Mail Transport for XF 2.2

SparkPost Mail Transport for XF 2.2 2.0.0

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SparkPost Mail Transport for XF 2.2 - Swiftmailer v6 transport implementation for SparkPost

Adds a SparkPost mail transport option to have all mails sent via your SparkPost account.

This is the XF v2.2 compatible version of and has been completely rewritten to support Swiftmailer v6 library that is part of XF v2.2

This addon has full bounced email and unsubscribed email handling support using the SparkPost Events API - no mailbox required...

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I did make sure I upgraded to v1.1.0 before upgrading to 2.0.0. I believe the add-on is working. However, I am getting the following error message in the control panel:

"There are 54 missing files or files with unexpected contents. You should review these."

How do I resolve this?


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Upload those files again and run the file health check to confirm they are as expected.
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