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XF 1.3 Spam

Getting slammed by spam at the moment.

For the most part the spam protection is picking them up but there is still some posts getting through.

To combat this I am going to moderate everyone's first 5 posts by -

1) Modify registered users group to "No" for follow message moderation rules

2) Create a new user group "Verified Users" and promotion to move registered users to once they reach 5 posts

What I wanted to know is how I can I -

1) Create a new user group that has the same permissions of an existing group like a copy or do I have manually set each individual permission?

2) Of my existing 2,000 users will they be automatically be promoted to the "Verified Users" group if they already have 5 posts upon creation of the promotion or will I need to move them manually across?

Thanks all!
Thanks Brogan, is there a cron I need to run to promote all the users as I have followed this guide and everyone is getting moderated even with +5 posts?

Scratch that found it in the cron job list!


XenForo moderator
Staff member
They will be promoted the next time they log in.

You can manually run the User Group Promotions cron but only recently active members will be promoted.