Spam trigger setting

I am a little (actually a lot) confused with the Spam trigger settings in Xenforo. I set them up from what I think they should be. I attached a capture of the setting page in XenForo. Do I have these setting correct? Should I make any changes? I am stumped!

VeteransBriefing Spam Control.jpg
do you guys find that a certain number of spammers get in each night regardless of the settings? we just updated to the newest version today so maybe we'll see more success with our forbidden phrases.



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Yes, some spammers get in regardless.

I've added [url* and [img* to my spam phrases and set it to filter the first several posts of each user. The spam that actually doesn't get caught up in the moderated queue now is virtually nonexistent. Maybe a post every 2 weeks, and it's usually a human spammer who actually made a bunch of normal looking posts before starting to spam.