Spam Question


For a few years I have been using Google ReCaptcha (NoCaptcha) and It has been doing its job, but recently in the past few weeks, I had to deny atleast 12 usernames that were registering due to them being flagged as possible spam users. Then today I had to erase 50 users, all with gmail accounts that were confirmed, but none of them posted, but they had usernames like "milakunis1, stevespielberg24, liamhemsworth12" etc.

Anyone know why ReCaptcha has not stopped these or what I could do to prevent this from continuing?

Xenforo is updated to the latest version, my private and public keys for ReCaptcha are correct, and I tested that it is still there and working.

Anthony Parsons

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Tenants anti-spam solutions are simply the best, especially once you set them up correctly for optimal outcome.

I use no captcha at all, I use no email confirmation for users, spam is near non-existent on a 1.2 million post forum. Any user who has not posted within 30 days, is auto-deleted. Keeps the entire system clean and free from a growing database or nonsense.