spam post permanently deleted, spam-username gone ?


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I just ran into this issue, not sure yet if I am just blind or if this really happens ?

I have a couple new spammers everyday submiting posts.

Now I have discovered a spammy Forum-post and I deleted that post via the "Delete"-button and clicked onto "Permanently Delete".

So this is working fine and the Forum-post is gone, but the strange thing is:
I can not find the user itself anymore. The username just disappears.

I have searched in ACP for that username, but it is nowhere to find.......

I wanted to look for that spam-username in order to ban him via the Spam-Cleaner, but now I can not find this username in ACP anymore.
I do not know whether the username was "confirmed" or not.

Did anyone of you guys experience the same ?
It does not happen always, but this happened now twice in the last few days where I could not locate the username anymore.

1) you see a spammy Forum-post.
2) go to the Forum-post and click onto "Delete", then "Permanently Delete".
3) fine, the Forum-post is deleted.
4) Now go and find the username of that spammer in ACP.

A search by username in the Admin CP will find him unless he has been deleted or you are misspelling the name.

You can always click the name in the post itself to get his account.
I have seen spammers use L and 1's or 0 and O to hide their identity.
Now there are some spammers who use different languages that look like English characters or even ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿ special characters╤───
Put this in your Home - Options - User Registration - User Name Match Regular Expression: ^[a-zA-Z0-9]+$
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