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Sorry for my English, I speak French.

I have a forum and I send a newsletter every weeks through the bulk mail shipments proposed by XenForo.
Unfortunately, the messages I send her all redirected to spam my users.

I currently have 440 members and I use version 1.5.0 of XenForo.

Could you then tell me how I could make the mails no longer go into the spam?

If you use your own Email server, then correctly setting up SPF, DKIM, FCrDNS and Sender ID should be your first step. Also what I find very useful to get detailed information about Email delivery problems are DMARC reports which will be sent to you from (most of the) large Email providers such as Google, MS and Yahoo. You can setup these reports with a DNS record.

If that doesn't help (enough) you can check your sender reputation which may be low or does not exist currently (if your Email server is relatively new). Unfortunately, if you don't have a sender score yet, this may also be interpreted as a „negative signal“ by an Email provider. Also keep in mind that every Email provider has their own criteria system regarding spam filtering. Microsoft's Email services (Hotmail, Live, Outlook..) seem to have the most aggressive ones. I actually had serious issues with them and currently still recommend my users not to use MS addresses. The big problem with MS is that they may not just flag your Emails as spam but also may silently delete them without the knowledge of the actual receiver..
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