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How do I know the rules or why some applications have been marked as spam please?
That log is the "why". The configuration would be done elsewhere, generally the "spam management" options.

Do you have a specific question about what you see there?
Cheers Mike. Ok our spam logger lists about 20 a month. Looking at the applicants details in them, they are eligible in my eyes and should not have been stopped. That's fine. But can I get an alert of something everything the spam systems stops a registration? Then I can double check them.
Assuming it's StopForumSpam related, the options let you control what happens based on the number of triggers detected. If you choose to moderate them, you'll get a chance to manually approve the registration.
Yes, though out of the box, a user has to trigger all 3 flags to be rejected. That's quite a strong flag that the user has a history of spam.
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