XF 1.5 spam - exclude Moderator


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Is it possible to prevent Moderators from using the "spam" function on other Moderator's profile? I only want to allow the spam feature for regular Registered user group


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Please don't bump or tag staff unnecessarily.

The spam cleaner cannot be run against moderators. Moderators cannot be directly banned either.

Ernest L. Defoe

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But I can see the SPAM option under their forum post or when I click on user profile. So, why is it showing?

Maybe because they meet the requirements such as days registered, posts, etc. Which is why you see it for them but if Mike says you can't run it against Moderators then that would be the case. He did help write xF after all.


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Oh, I have no doubt in what he says LOL. I'm just trying to figure out where to fix the settings...

I just noticed different options for the same user in 2 different forums. Hmmm...


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Ok, I fixed my forum node permissions.

As a Moderator, when I tested the BAN feature it took me to Xenforo Admin login page. So this works fine as the Moderator won't have the login info.

As a Moderator, when I tested the SPAM feature, the system banned the other Moderator and deleted all of his posts. This is not what I want the system to do. How can I fix this? Thanks