XF 1.1 Spam Deletion Question


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I recently got hammered with a lot of spam on my forum.

I went through and deleted it using the "spam cleaner".

I recently ran a backlink check though and I noticed I had thousands of new spammy backlinks linking to the forum.

Obviously I'm concerned that this will lead to my site being penalized.

How is it that the spam lead to more links pointing towards my forum? I always figured it was the other way around..

While the spam threads appearing unless I'm logged in as the administrator.. I'm getting the following forum stats..

I don't have anywhere near 25k posts/threads .. and I thought I deleted them..

Any idea why the 25k+ is appearing in my "forum statistics" section?

Is there something I'm missing?

Also, would simply deleting the spam threads fix the problem of spammy links linking back to my forum?

Thanks in advance.


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All links other than those posted by administrators and moderators are no follow.

Thanks, that's good to know about the outbound links.

Do you happen to know of any reason why I would have over a thousand of new inbound spam links pointing towards my forum?

It seems as though there are posts in other forums (most not in English) that are linking back to the spam posts in my forum.

This is concerning because I don't want my domain penalized for having spammy backlinks.

Jake Bunce

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Here is a copy/paste of that deleted thread:

I looked in the code. The Messages statistic is the total number of posts on the forum. That includes the first post in each thread, not just the replies.

The Forum Statistics on the front page are updated every 10 minutes by a cron. You can force it to update by manually running the cron:

Admin CP -> Tools -> Cron Entries -> Rebuild Board Totals Counter -> Controls: Run

If you feel that the stats are still not correct then it may be because the thread and forum counters are not correct. You can manually rebuild those as well:

Admin CP -> Tools -> Rebuild Caches
> Rebuild Thread Information
> Rebuild Forum Information

Note that deleted and moderated posts/threads are excluded from the counts.


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It seems strange that the spam on my forum would have triggered over a thousand spammy backlinks pointing to my forum from other sources..
Is this a unique situation or something you guys have heard of and dealt with before?

Thanks in advance.