spam cleaner overlay


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I've tried to figure this out like a big boy, but I can't. Here I am, admitting defeat and pleading for the mercy of the court. Or at least for some advice.

I have a grey theme. You might call it 'ugly' or 'monochromatic' or 'depressing.' I like it, and the few depressives that hang around on it seem to like it too.

Being grey and brooding, it needed some adjustments. Like .xenOverlay.memberCard has a few entries in my extra.css to make some of the dark text visible...

But somehow the gods are conspiring against me, and I can't seem to do the same for the spam cleaner overlay. I mean, look at it, it's sad:


Those dates and IPs and numerals, dangling out there in cold space, without context, without a reason to live. It's hurting me, and without being overly dramatic, I think it's hurting mankind.

So I am here seeking knowledge. Seeking solace. Trying to right an injustice. I don't need your money, just your brains. Please help. If not for me, for the children.


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As Ralph Kramden said to Alice at the end of every Honeymooners episode, "Baby, you're the greatest!"