XF 2.2 Spam Cleaner is Just Missing Today


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I don't know what happened. I'm pretty new to Xenforo, just migraged from phpBB a week ago. I was using the spam cleaner up until today, and suddenly it's just missing. I can moderate/delete individual posts, ban users, etc. but the button for spam cleaner is totally missing EVERYWHERE!!!

I'm the admin & moderator with every single permission set to Yes in every category, but it's like I just don't have permission to use the spam cleaner (which I was yesterday just fine and changed NOTHING!!!)

Any ideas?
No, but I think I'm seeing what's going on.

Apparently, the spam cleaner is only available if they are a new user (registered since the migration to xenforo). Seems it's missing for users who registered two weeks ago when I was on phpBB still. So some of these spammers must have created accounts, then came back to dump their spam.

We really should have access to the spam cleaner for ALL users, not just new users. I'm the admin for crying out loud, let me ADMINISTER!!!
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