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Spam Cleaner Everywhere!

Spam Cleaner Everywhere! 1.0.2

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Ridemonkey submitted a new resource:

Spam Cleaner in Admin Control Panel - Simple template replacement to bring the spam cleaner to the Admin Control Panel

This add-on is very simple. It contains two template replacements, both of which add a "Spam Cleaner" button inside the Admin Control Panel.

One of these is added in the Edit User area in order to immediately spam clean & ban a user you might be viewing.
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The other button is added into the Stop Human Spam log entry window if you use that add-on. This is convenient for reviewing SHS log entries and being able to immediately spam clean/ban the user if necessary....
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Haven't tried it yet, but I will be doing so soon.

It's just a bunch of template replacements and I was careful to not match any large blocks of code while doing so. I fully expect it to be fine.


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I've tried it, and the staff appreciates having the button in the moderation queue page. But it does need one minor fix: if a moderator does not have permissions to use the Spam Cleaner, the button still appears, and it ends up at an error page (as expected).

I would think it needs only a conditional around the code so that it can use that permission, but I'm not versed well enough in coding anymore to tackle it myself at the moment. Unless I can swipe it from another template where it is used.