Fixed  Spam checker remembering last option


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Unsure if this is as designed but will report regardless.

How to reproduce
  1. Click on the latest registered member
  2. On the member card, click on Spam
  3. On the option, uncheck everything except Check IP (basically to check if some existing member created this new account)
  4. Check comes back as clean. No user with this IP. click Close
  5. Click on this member username again to bring back member card. Click on Spam
  6. the popup from step 4 comes back. It should provide you with the full option menu.
Repeat again will only result in this person's IP check popup. To get rid of this, do this spam check on a different recently registered member.


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I noticed that a while ago.
I assumed it was designed behaviour as there is generally no need to run the spam cleaner on the same member twice consecutively.


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(That'll be my stupid arthritic fingers hitting enter instead of the ] key)