XF 1.2 Spam challenges


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I recently had my forum installed and right off the bat I experienced issues with spam; to be specific, I noticed about 15-30 new accounts being created per day, and handful of spam posts per day. When I checked the IP addresses, nearly all were reported spam abusers. My initial approach with new users was to click Spam Cleaner and determine if other users came from the same address. I would then ban the IP and delete the user or users. This might have helped a little bit (not sure), but there a still many spam IP accounts being created daily. Is there a setting I can use, or a strategy I can employ, the would curb this trend?

Thanks very much.


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As far as I can tell, the Spam Management admin page is still set to the default settings; however, it is unclear to me what I would need to change in Spam Management in order to improve the situation.


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Hi Andy. So you are suggesting moving from Use ReCAPTCHA to Use Question & Answer CAPTCHA? If so, I will give that a shot, thank you.

Correct, Q&A works great where ReCAPTCHA is useless IMHO.

If you give me an indication of what your forum focuses on, I might be able to offer some suggestions regarding Q&A.


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I'm actually not quite certain what new member moderation is. I was trying to navigate to that option or feature, but I don't see it.

BTW, the QA suggestion worked and continues to work. I'm just curious about new member moderation in case I need it in the future.


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You need to enable it in the options (Registration I believe). It places users in the Users Awaiting Validation group until you manually approve them. There is a list in the ACP and linked in the mod bar if there are members to be approved.