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Spam Bots

I've tried doing research about this..every night there are at least 2-4+ spam bots that come onto the forums and spam muscle enhancement crap. Has been going on for months now, I've tried many plugins and none seem to dis-regard that. Anyone have any ideas as it's creating a big mess when no one is online to deal with it.


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I have this installed but unfortunately 2-4 spam bots still spam daily.
Properly configured it should work. You have to realize the majority of spam on a xenforo site is human generated.

I have had 1 slip through in 6 months. Mainly because he was US based. Some sites can't afford to block the 2 Pakistani and 2 Indian isps this crap comes from but we can. Tr He other half comes from VPS hosts which we can block due to almost no chance of a real user being on those hostnames except for small private and customs VPNs.