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I run a German literary platform with xf1.3

Some of my users are authors or publishers. I want them to be able to add events to my site like "Meet your favorite author in Hamburg on June, 2nd".

Currently I use resource manager plus @Waindigo 's resource event as it is providing RSVP. Unfortunately, my users are skeptical about my event calendar. When I talked to them asking what they would need to use my sites event system more frequently they gave some very helpful input. This is the summary.
  • as easy to use as facebook events which means...
  • "what", "where" (ZIP code + city + location), "when" (start + end) fields on the create event form.
    As far as I can see I already can do this with resource events and custom fields.
  • sort/filter events by ZIP code. This is essential for my needs because most events are only interesting for users living in a certain city.
  • Calendar views for upcoming, weekly and monthly events
  • Reminder functionality for joined events
  • Permissions to tailor the output for certain user roles
  • Nice to have, but not necessary: google maps to allow users to find the best way to the event location
I'm definitely willing to contribute to this development or buy a product.

Are there any XF plans to offer an official event calendar enhancement ?

Regards, rhodes