DOn't be offended, but most of the people out there who doubted KAM will somehow feel at least a little regret:censored: i have seen many people said those nasty words and underestimated xenForo. Then i was like "don't judge too early.. we shall seee...". We shall now celebrate on behalf of xenForo though! :D
I panicked right at the start and got my account blocked because I told some acquaintances I liked that XF looked like a risky buy. That was in the first weeks when all we had was the VB warning email telling us (wrongly) it was illegal to buy XF.
I fled and tried IPB - it was awful.

When there was more information I thought about it some more, and went into the legal issues involved thoroughly. Based on some legal experience myself, and many years of assessing business risk, I decided it was OK after all.

I came back, started a new account as Morgain and since then have done all I could to help XF keep going.
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