Hi xenForo,

Im Ricardo, a forum administrator. I heared about this thanks to Kier on Twitter and I have to say that this is preety good, is, clean and elegant.

When I can buy It? :p

Just to say that If you want to make this really big start big, just as you are doing but open this to other languages like spanish.



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Not only is it fully phrased, we have developed a crowd-sourcing translation system built on top of the XenForo framework, so that you all can help us to produce non-English versions in record time.

We will deploy the translator on hopefully in the next few days.
They already have plans for a full translation/phrasing system. So yes, there will be a Spanish translation available. :)


Well, that's not important. What matters is what you think you need for your site, what is helping you push your site to the next level.
I think that is XF, a modern stable solution.