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Add-on Something Like LinkedIn Profile's

I am looking for something similar to how LinkedIn profile's are. Something that allows members to include there "Skills", "Schooling", "Previous and Current Employers", as well as a "Project's" which would be similar to how "Employers" is, but thing's such as Freelance work.
It would work for the most part except for a few things. I don't and didn't see a way to duplicated a certain "Custom Field" as in adding it again or removing unwanted ones.
I would also like some way for a textfield/textbox to have auto-complete.
You mean something like those freelancer sites have? Auto suggesting the skill?

Yes. I also want members to be able to add more then One School or One Job and job details. So it would be like 3 custom fields for 1 job. But adding the 2nd job, well I dont know =0