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Good day. For those of you that been with XenForo from the beginning I have some sad news. @Dean passed away in early July. He was a moderator here, and level-headed one at that. His motto was to solve conflict through dialogue and he had the personality to do so. It worked well for him, and Xenforo.

Check his profile from the oldest to the newest to see the type of person he was. May he rest in peace.
I'm sure Dean's friends and family appreciate your condolences.

I met Dean a dozen or so years ago, when we bother were vB users. I was a moderator on Wayne Lukes site, and also created plugins/products for vB. It was here I met Dean (and Peggy). I did some custom work for Dean and then that developed into a working relationship that lasted a number of years.

When vB entered it's dark period (and honestly they never emerged out from the other side), Dean figured it was time to change forum software, so he scoured the planet for software that would fit his needs and that would jive with me. He installed a few for testing, and I always responded with basically the same reply: "just doesn't feel right to me."

Then one day he contacted me with a link to xenforo. I thought to myself "what's a xenforo?" I made my way to this site, played with a copy Dean had, and responded that this software just clicked. We never looked back. And it helped that some of the old scooby gang was here (Kier, Mike, Ashly, Jerry, Jake, and Floris, to name a few).

If it wasn't for Dean, I may never have been a member of this community today.

RIP Dean, here I am mainly because of you,
Your friend, Lawrence
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