XF 1.2 Some Really Flaky Behavior After Server Move


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My host moved my Xenforo site yesterday to another server, I changed the DNS and IP, etc. After some initial trouble, because the host didn't have a necessary feature enabled, the site was up and running fine as far as I could tell. I had a couple conversations, made a couple posts, etc.

Today, I try to log on with my admin account and get a message that the password is incorrect, and keep getting this till I'm locked out. I absolutely knew the password was correct. So then I tried logging in with another test user account I had created and got the same thing. Ended up having to reset both passwords. When I got into the site I tried to continue a conversation I'd been having with another admin and noticed that the last few responses we'd made to each other were missing, and then I looked and discovered that the last two threads I'd posted yesterday evening were also missing. I recreated them and notified my other admin to be on the lookout for any strange behavior, but everything seemed okay after that.

But just a short while ago I logged in and looked at the same conversation I mentioned above. The posts from yesterday were back, but the ones from today were missing. Then I saw that a notice I'd put up yesterday and deactivated this morning was reactivated. And the two new notices I'd created today were no longer active, and when I checked the admin I discovered they were gone, as if I'd never created them.

Anybody have a clue as to what could explain this odd behavior? I'm seriously worried now that other things might just mysteriously disappear. TIA

Edit: And I just realized that one of the three threads I created today is gone also....
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Jake Bunce

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Maybe you are connecting to both servers at different times. Make sure redirects are setup on the old server to ensure that any remaining traffic is directed to the new server.

Otherwise content doesn't just disappear. If indeed only one server is involved here then maybe some one is restoring backups of the database resulting in data loss.


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Thanks, Jake. Yeah, the former had actually occurred to me - I do seem to have a very dim recollection of something similar happening to me many years ago. The latter is definitely not taking place. Anyway, I've contacted my host about it and waiting for them to get back to me. Thanks again