Some questions before purchasing...


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Hi there... i hope you can help me with some things...

the thing is:
- I'm running vb 4.1.. (been in vb like ... 6 years)

Does XenfForo...

- Can has customized profiles? ... (like changing colors and stuff)?
- has a blog system?
- when i import from vb 4.1 will the templates will import too (sorry if it sounds kind of obvious T.T)? or shoul i do all the template edits agani..?
- how can the templates can be edited (customized)?
- About the licence is it anual ... ? when it expires do i have to remove the software?
- can use custome bbcodes?...


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1. Not yet.

2. Not yet. But bridges for wordpress are already available.

3. Obviously not. The template system is quite different, so it's not possible to import a vBulletin style to xenforo.

4. Templates can be edited either via Admin Panel, or even your favorite editor/IDE if it supports WebDAV.

5. The license doesn't expire. The "updates" do. So after one year, you won't receive any updates (unless you renew), but can continue running the software. No need for removing it.

6. It's not in the core, yet. For now, you can use this excellent addon:


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User customised profiles are not currently a feature.

There is no core blog system.

The style is completely different to vBulletin so you will have to redo your style - only users, posts, etc. are imported.

The template editing system is extensive and very easy, all done from within the ACP.

The license is a lifetime license but there is an (optional) annual update fee.

Custom BB Code is currently possible via an add-on.

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... (like changing colors and stuff)?
- has a blog system?
vB Blogs are terrible.
Switch to Wordpress and the Search Engines will love you.
If you want "Everyone" to have a Blog that would be Wordpress MU. MU = Multiuser.
I am unsure if the Bridge is compatible with the MU version.

How do you use the Blogs ?

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Would it be possible that when someone is posting IN the forum ... they have an option to make that POST a part of their "Blog". (Note: this would be for a NEW post only).
This Blog would be a collection of Posts that people want associated with their profile. (isn't that what a Blog is anyway ?)
As well, Personal Blogs could be subscribed to, so if a person I follow made a Blog Entry, I would get an Alert.

lumis! would that work for you ?