Not a bug Some issues with RSS


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1.) I noticed that XenForo posts show up in Google News as "press releases". That's because of the wrong (or missing?) content type attribute. It's now "PresseRelease (visibile)", but should be "UserGenerated". Further info:


("Pressemitteilung" = German for "press release")

2.) There also should be a short teaser text of the post. At the moment only the thread title is published. That looks a little bit weird especially on mobile devices:


("Kein Inhalt" = German for "no content")

3.) When I open the global RSS stream in e.g. Google Reader only a few of the new postings are visible. I couldn't figure out why some are showing up and others not.

BTW: There should be a feed for new THREADS also (e.g. for auto-tweeting).


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  1. That's for site maps, not RSS feeds.
  2. This has been posted in suggestions.
  3. The default feed is sorted by last post. You can generate one sorted by creation time if you wish, but the behavior here is really going to be down to Google Reader.