XF 1.5 Some images cut off for some members


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I have members complaining about only partial images being shown, and they have to click the image to see the whole thing.

Here are a few of the complaints:

My desktop computer cuts off the right side of posted pictures, but my laptop compurter doesn't.
Don't know why, can't figure it out.
Windows 7 on both.
Both Gateway computers.

I just notice this.
When I attach my pictures to my post they are not showing the whole picture. Seems like a 3rd of the picture is cut off, any help would be great

This is one of the posts given as an example. Looks fine to me.


but here is a screenshot and the actual photo of another occurrence

Untitled.jpg Untitled2.jpg


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It's due to the custom CSS you have added.
@media (min-width: 976px)
.message .messageContent .messageText img {
    max-width: 640px;