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Some help with sitemaps & google webmaster tools.

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by darren, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. darren

    darren Member

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions or just some insight as to why/what's going on.

    The background:

    Was running vBulletin, sitemap of roughly 100,000 posts where 80,000+ were indexed, was like that for some time in terms of percentage indexed.

    Moved to Xenforo with redirects in place for old vBSEO links to the new Xenforo links, worked fine.. Setup a sitemap with one of the resources here and again.. I would say 80% indexed within a couple of days.

    The week before Christmas my host has a hardware failure with my VPS service and took 3, YES *3* weeks to resolve all in all.

    Googles webmaster tools complained for weeks about no connection/missing links after the site came back up and kept logging in and marking the items as fixed.

    At that point I was only indexed 23,000 out of 108,000 posts. Bit worrying I thought but it's bound to go up now that webmaster tools knows the site is back.. But instead it's going down.. Currently 13,700 posts indexed.

    BTW: There are no sitemap errors.

    Can anyone help to get a better percentage indexed as it used to be? my site is a factual site, not much day to day off topic chat so the content is quite good.

    Has anything happened in terms of changes to the way Google treats sites that are concerning a specific country (and with their web extension) but the site content being in English? as my site is about Spain, but 99% in English. I only ask as I have adsense running and all of a sudden I'm getting Spanish adverts the past week.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. darren

    darren Member

    My Robots.txt is:

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /community/find-new/
    Disallow: /community/account/
    Disallow: /community/attachments/
    Disallow: /community/goto/
    Disallow: /community/posts/
    Disallow: /community/login/
    Disallow: /community/admin.php
    Disallow: /community/taigachat/
    Disallow: /community/members/
    Disallow: /community/online/
    Allow: /

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