Some customizing and just turning on features help needed.


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New to Xenforo and .css. I want to fast track my forum going live by getting some help rather then the
process of taking time I don't have to learn it.

Looking for someone who has done all this before, maybe many times, so I'm not paying you to learn.

I'm setting my forum up to have advertisers on it. So some banners placed here and there. Some in your face
and annoying locations. You know, so you can join and have them disappear.

I want it set up so a person can pay/membership and the adds go away ( or most of the nagging ones).
So the different level, pay process needs to be set-up.

Any other typical things for a site that you normally want to do, I want to do. Open to suggestions.
I'm sure once we get talking, the list will grow.

Contact me and let's talk.

I use Adblock and so do a lot of my members. If you put up those annoying ads (especially in your face ads) all they'll do is bypass the upgrade and install Adblock. imho
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