XF 1.2 Some basic styling setup questions please. Do I make new style children of the main?

Stuart Wright

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So should I make new styles (like the one sent from Audentio) all children of the Default Style?

Second question. The default path to images in the style Mike at Audentio sent me is styles/avf. This breaks the addons installed since their images all go in the default folder. Should I change the setting in Mike's style to styles/default and move all his images there so that I then won't have to worry about moving addon images into the styles/avf folder every time they are installed?

Third question. If I want to revert my default style back to, well, its default, do I select all the customised templates and hit revert, or will that remove the ones added by addons and stuff?


Steve F

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1. Just install with no parent, all styles including the default is a child of the Master Style which is only seen with debug mode on.

2. The style path @Audentio has set should not break any add-ons. Add-ons should specify their own paths to images and not depend on any custom style. Most add-ons use the default style folder, if by chance there is a image needed for a add-on on your custom skin then you need to move those images to your custom skin folder.

3. Yes, or just create a new style with no parent.

Steve F

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To add - if the add-on is using "@imagePath/xenforo/some-image.png" then the image folder for the add-on will need to be added to your custom style.


XenForo moderator
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If you have a custom style and plan on further customising it, make your customisations in a child style.

However, as the style has been created specifically for you, that shouldn't be necessary.

Don't move the images to the default folder. Any images with the same name will be overwritten when upgrading XenForo.

Stuart Wright

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Thanks Steve and Brogan. I will indeed be customising the style from Mike over time, so I'll install Mike's file and then create a child of it for any changes going forward, which will be the official and only style on the site.