RM 1.1 Some basic questions


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  1. Where is option for creating thread when new resource is uploaded?
  2. Where is resources files uploaded on server (which folder)?
  3. When resource file is permanently deleted, is uploaded file from server deleted too?
  4. Is it possible to not have real links for uploaded files for resources? If I link file which is allready exist on my server when I create new resource (External download URL), I do not want when user click to download button, to see real link to file (www.myforum.com/resources/some_file.rar)

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1. It is set per resource category:

2. The same folders as all other attachments - /data and /internal_data.

3. Yes.

4. The [Download] button can be any URL but no, it's not possible to obfuscate or disguise it. You will need an alternative solution such as FetchApp or similar.