[solved] TMS: 4.000 replacements for EXTRA.css


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I append a simple template add_EXTRA.css to the EXTRA.css with the following Template Modification:

Template: EXTRA.css
Regexp: /[.]*/
Replace with: $0 <xen:include template="add_EXTRA.css" />

Now there are over 4000 replacements (in green) shown. I do not understand this.


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Thanks for your tip, /.*/ works much better with only a few hundred replacements.

Your /^.*$/ doesnt apply everything, it should stop after one line break.

Lukas W.

Formerly katsulynx
works with only 2 replacements now
Hit the counter to see how many replacements are done in which style. Normally the minimum number of replacements would be the number of distinct templates of the same name you have across your styles. So if you have two styles with the same register_form, you'd hit one replacement minimum, while in the following example my custom style has an altered register_form template and therefor shows up with 2/0/0, splitted down to the following: